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Submit Team Game Schedules to TCBL

click here to download Schedule Instructions

Team Game Schedule Submission for the 2021 / 2022 Season

Starting with the 2014 / 2015 TCBL Season, team schedules will only be accepted on Excel Spreadsheets as csv files.

click here to download Schedule Template

The Team Game Schedule Template should be used to enter your team's HOME games only.  

Your AWAY games will be entered on your opponents team schedules and will automatically show up as away games for you on the website. 

Mandatory information to be included for each game is listed below.  Schedules that do NOT contain the mandatory information for each game will NOT be loaded and will be returned to the team as incomplete. 

Please note that multiple teams can be submitted on one Schedule Template as long as the divisions and teams are grouped together and each team has it's own name.

Please indicate the team(s) contained in the Schedule Template including division 
and  team name (i.e. Boys 7th AA 2018 - Scarsdale Heat , etc.). 

Completed Schedule Templates should be emailed to John Redahan at 

Mandatory Schedule Information for Games

Please remember to include HOME games only

The following fields must be contained on the Schedule Template for each game:

The template contains selection lists for most of the columns to help reduce typing errors.

Start Time (11:00 am, 2:00 pm, etc)
Home Team Division (Boys 5th A 2021, Girls 6th A 2021, etc.)
Home Team Name (Yorktown 5 White, etc.)
Location (should be the gym name - Scarsdale HS, Briarcliff MS, etc.)
Event Type (Game)
Opponent Team Division (Boys 5th A 2021, Girls 6th A 2021, etc.)
Opponent Team Name (Pleasantville, etc.)


Review Schedule

After the schedules have been loaded by the TCBL, schedules can be viewed on the web site.

Select the Schedule Menu Item under the Team tab.

Near the top of the page will be three selection boxes for:

Season – select 2021 / 2022 Season

League – choose your TCBL League – i.e. Boys 5  A 2021 Division

Team - choose your Team – i.e. Mamaroneck Tigers

The schedule information will be displayed on the page.

For questions or problems, contact:

John Redahan

914 819-8143