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Welcome to the 2011-2012 Season! 


NOTE: Registration is open until October 14th. 

Please visit and click on registration button in the left column.



Kick-Off Meeting

We held an open meeting on September 23rd at the New Castle Town Hall.  It was well attended by both old and new teams.  In that meeting, we introduced the current Board of Directors which includes:


New Directors

·         Ray Marinnacio – Boys Commissioner

·         Timothy O’Toole


Returning Directors

·         Bart Hamlin – President

·         Greg Fleming - VP/Operations Director/Treasurer

·         Andy Peterson - Chair of the Appeals Committee

·         Cynthia Hood

·         Fred Quartlebaum


Eligibility and Game Rule Changes

We described the changes that have been approved by the TCBL Board of Directors which are the following:


No High school players – for all girls and boys divisions. Any player on any high school is not eligible except per the following consideration:

·         Only with an appeal

·         Only if needed for minimum roster

·         Only if team plays in highest group of division.

Pressing rule change

·         Allowed in 4B - No Press if team ahead by 8 points or more

·         Other press rules per last season including 5G starting after MLK day.

5 second rule

·         Explicitly included this year in 4-8B and 6-8G

Roster Size

·         Rosters are limited to a maximum of 15 players

·         Previous 9 player minimum is still in effect.

75% Rule

·         The 75% percent rule has been eliminated.  Previously TCBL had required all players to participate in at least 75% of regular season games to be eligible for the play-offs.  This has been changed.  Now, all officially rostered players are eligible for the play-offs.

Birth Certificates

·         Birth certificates are no longer needed to be supplied at registration.

·         Birth certificates and report cards must be provided upon request.

Team eligibility

·         “Town” and “School District” remain viable team definitions

·         “Parish/Synagogue” and “Same School” have been discontinued as viable team definitions


·         (3) Full per game and (1) 30 second per half

·         No carry over of 30 second time out into second half

·         No carry-over of regulation timeouts to OT

·         One full per OT – with no carry over into subsequent OT’s


Referee Coordinator & Program

We also introduced a new member of the TCBL team – James Robinson.  James is an experienced high school referee, past president of the local board of IAABO, and committed volunteer for youth sports.  James will coordinate TCBL’s new program to coordinate referee assignments throughout the League.  We will transition to this program as follows:


2011-2012 Season

·         Individual teams and programs will continue to handle their own referee coordination through-out this regular season. 

·         TCBL will offer to coordinate referee assignments for any new team.

·         TCBL will coordinate refs for all rounds of this season’s  play-offs.

·         TCBL will establish working relationships with current ref assignors.


2012-2013 Season

·         TCBL will coordinate all referee assignments for both regular and play-off games.


General Communication and Feedback.

The TCBL Boards believes the above changes will continue to improve the TCBL experience. TCBL is inclusive and encourages feedback from its participants.  Many of the changes above have originated from grass-roots conversations and evolved, over the course of months, to new policy.


We encourage comments/suggestions/recommendations to flow up from the coach to the Division Director, then the respective Commissioner and ultimately the Board.  Each year, the Board seeks input from the coaches, via the Commissioners and Division Directors, on what we do well, what we can improve, and also any new ideas.  We are open to comments from all participants.


Register your teams now! 

Remember, registration closes October 14 and payments are due that day as well.  Payments are not on-line.  You will need to mail a check.  Rosters are not due at registration.  Rosters are due December 2nd and no changes will be accepted after that date.


Scheduling Meeting

You should also note that the scheduling meetings format has changed.  We will hold ALL scheduling meetings on the same night – November 8th - at the Doubletree Hotel in Tarrytown.  A reminder with exact times and directions will be issued at a later date.



Have a great season!


Bart Hamlin, TCBL President and

Greg Fleming, TCBL Vice President and Operations Director