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The TCBL Board of Directors recognizes the effort that went into completing a successful 2021-2022 season in the face of many operational obstacles, it was great to see the kids back on the basketball court competing last winter.

For 2022-2023 - returning for a traditional season, with a predictable calendar, and anticipating more teams in all grade levels - the Board feels it’s a perfect time to restate the intent of our policies regarding Sportsmanship and Conduct.

Our goal is to offer a league for school-district based programs to play appropriately competitive basketball through the 8th grade. It gives us great satisfaction to watch our “alumni” competing at the HS level every season, celebrating at Stepinac, Iona, Fordham or raising the Gold Ball as Mount Vernon, Bronxville, Hamilton, and Greenburgh did this winter. Ultimately, that is the goal of the TCBL – to encourage competitive participation and keep the kids playing into their HS years; we are a feeder to High School JV and Varsity programs, not the ACC and NBA. 


  • Enter your teams in the appropriate division – you know your athletes, let them compete at the correct level AA, A, or B.  The TCBL allows every team to participate in a “re-seeded” A and B playoff.

  • Adhere to our published rules – specifically pressing.  Every season we field complaints in the first weekend regarding pressing and the scoring margin rule.  Use common sense – if you’ve been able to train your 6th graders to execute the press, then you are organized enough to know when your team is ahead by 15! Don’t wait for your overmatched opponent or the referee to point it out.

  • In an uncompetitive contest (though we have no rule) manage the margin of victory with class.  There are a number of ways to do this without embarrassing your opponent – let your weaker players bring the ball up, play defense with 1 foot in the paint, and make sure your starters are out of the game. 


  • The behavior displayed by our coaches, parents, and fans have a direct impact on the attitude, moral, and sportsmanship of our players.  Each coach is ultimately responsible for serving as a positive role model in the gym.

  • We are all competitive.  But, let’s not forget that the kids are watching.  How we speak to the referees, clock operators, and opposing coaches is being observed and digested by every player in the gym.  Respect the fact that everyone participating in the game has an obligation to model their behavior for the children.  Win with class and lose with dignity - there are always life lessons to be shared through competition.  

  • Profanity, berating officials, and engaging with fans or opponents in verbal sparring is unacceptable in any youth league.  Remember – EVERY TEAM makes the playoffs!

The TCBL Board appreciates everyone who donates their time and energy to making our league the success it is today.  Please understand the context in which we review our Sportsmanship and Conduct guidelines, simply put - use common sense and treat our game with the respect that your children deserve.