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Enter Game Results

- Use your Email User Account and Password to log onto the TCBL website
(contact John Redahan at 
 if you have problems logging in)

- If you do not have a TCBL User Account or have forgotten your password, go to the Sign In button in the top right hand corner and enter your email and leave the password field empty.   Click "SignIn" and you will receive an email from the website that will allow you to create / reset your password. 

- Let your mouse hover over the blue "Teams / Standings" button running across the top of the homepage 

- Select "Schedule"

- This will bring you to the Schedule page

- Go to the right side of the page where there will be a “Change Team” label and three list boxes

- Season - select 2022 / 2023 Season 

- League - select your league (i.e. 7th Boys A 2022) 

- Team - select your team (Bronxville)  

- Next go to the left side of the page and select "Results"

- Games with a past date will be displayed 

- Click on the icon (yellow box with a white pencil in a smaller square) in the "Action" at the extreme the right of the game row 

- Enter the points for each team on the form that’s displayed 

- After the points for both teams have been entered, scroll to the bottom left of the gray form and click the Submit button

- Contact your Division Director if you have any questions