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TCBL Season - 2018 / 2019 



Season Schedule/Critical Dates


9/12-10/18 Team Registration Period. Please note that the registration form has changed and each program/coach must accept the registration requirements.

The 2018-2019 Team registration fee is $450.00.


10/2/18    Mandatory Program Directors Meeting


10/24/18     Player Appeal Period Ends


10/28 /18    Final Day for Appeal Decisions


Regular Season, 14 Game Schedules


Program Directors meeting 

This is a mandatory meeting for all program directors or a strong representative from the program.  This is a significant meeting and all TCBL programs should send a representative. There are operational issues, including league structure, playoff changes, rule changes, policy changes and so on that will be addressed, followed by a Q&A.


Scheduling Meeting Dates:


11/5/18                     8th grade Boys & Girls


11/7/18                     7th grade Boys & Girls


11/8/18                     6th Grade Boys & Girls


11/9/18                     4th & 5th Grade Boys & Girls


Coaches, team managers and Program Directors should come to the meeting with a calendar of gym availability. Team managers may attend but not in lieu of the head coach. No team will be allowed to schedule its season if the coach is not present.


Schedule and Roster Due Dates


11/16/18         All regular season game schedules must be submitted to John Redahan, MIS director for posting to the website.  

11/16/18         Rosters are to be sent to the Division Directors and John Redahan.  Uniform Numbers will be required this season.

Teams must have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 players on its roster. Note: Teams are allowed to file an appeal if they believe they can commit to the TCBL schedule with a roster less than the league minimum. Teams submitting rosters with less than the required league minimum that have not filed an appeal will not be accepted.

No rosters will be accepted if the roster is less than the league minimum of 10 players.  A team seeking to submit a roster with less than minimum required players has to file an appeal by 10/24/18.

Key Dates:

11/26/18         Regular Season begins for all divisions, boys and girls.

2/13/19           Regular Season Ends for all divisions, boys and girls.

2/20/19           Girls and Boys Playoff Seeding issued, Brackets emailed to all coaches and posted to website. 

2/25/19           Playoffs start for all divisions.

2/25/19-3/6/19           Quarter Final games must be completed by March 6, 2019.  Quarter Games hosted by the Higher Seed. Visiting team must be offered at a minimum 2 dates. TCBL pays for referees in the playoffs.  

3/8-3/10/19                Semi Finals and Championship Weekend


Friday, March 8, 2019


4th Grade Boys Championship game.


Girls and Boys Semi Finals and Championships (Semi's 3/9/19) and Championships, (3/10/19). There will be two sites for the semi's and championship games.


Championship Game Times

March 9th & 10th


  9:00 AM       7th Grade B

10:30 AM       7th Grade A

12:00 PM       5th Grade B

  1:30 PM       5th Grade A

  3:00 PM       6th Grade B

  4:30 PM       6th Grade A

  6:00 PM       8th Grade B

  7:30 PM       8th Grade A

**NEW – If your team qualifies for a championship game, your program director or a representative from your board must be in attendance for your game.  TCBL will reach out to obtain the name of the person who shall be in attendance prior to championship weekend.