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Q) I'm new to TCBL and would like my child to play, but don't know who to contact in my community? 

A) Please email the TCBL Board and we will help connect you with the right people.


Q) I'd like to start a TCBL program in my community, who can help? 

A) Please email the TCBL Board and we will provide guidance on how to start a TCBL program.


Q) Can my child play in both TCBL and my local community's recreational program?

A) Yes. TCBL was not created to compete with local rec programs. In fact, we strongly encourage TCBL players to play in both leagues and for TCBL managers to closely coordinate with their local rec programs to avoid scheduling conflicts.


Q) What's the best age to start TCBL?

A) TCBL runs from 4th-grade through 8th-grade. We encourage programs to start as young as possible as we believe longevity is necessary for players to build good habits, understand team philosophies and systems, and develop chemistry with their teammates.


Q) Is TCBL an AAU program?

A) No. TCBL teams draw players solely from their own communities. AAU (or club) teams allow players from any communities to try out for their teams and play in leagues and tournaments that are separate from TCBL.


Q) I have an AAU team. Can we play TCBL?

A) It is unlikely that an AAU team would meet the TCBL requirements that 1) all players reside in a singular town or school district; and 2) the team is part of a town or school district program. That said, if a team does meet the requirements, it would be welcome to join TCBL.


Q) Does TCBL have A and B divisions?

A) TCBL forms multiple divisions (A/B or A/B/C) for each grade/gender if and when possible.  Final decisions as to divisional placement will reside with TCBL based upon all available information, including the prior year's results (if applicable) and input from coaches, team administrators and program managers.


Q) How much does a TCBL season cost? How might I come up with an estimate?

A) Costs per family will vary across programs based on a number of factors. The TCBL fee itself ($535) is typically a small component of the overall budget for an individual team. Other potential fees that are usually spread across participants include gym rentals for home games and practices; insurance; referee fees (paid by the home team); uniforms; equipment; and professional coaching/training fees (if applicable).  


Q) Does each program need to secure insurance? 

A) Yes. Most facilities (e.g. school district gyms) require insurance as a condition of usage. There are a number of established, reputable insurance providers that you can locate through a Google search. You can also e-mail TCBL and we will provide guidance.


Q) Does TCBL provide a place to play your games?

A) Other than for the "final four" of the playoffs, TCBL generally has limited ability to provide facilities for games. Individual programs are expected to secure appropriate facilities to host their games. Gyms should have a visible game clock (portable tabletop clocks are acceptable), adequate lighting, good floor surface, three point line if required for that age group, and seats for players and coaches. The home team must provide a scorebook and scorekeeper. All facilities must meet the safety standards of all applicable codes and regulations including, but not limited to, local and state regulations. 

However, if you are looking to start a program but have limited gym access, please don't hesitate to contact us. Depending on the season, there may be gym-sharing / subletting opportunities and/or neutral sites available.


Q) How are referees assigned and paid?

A) Home teams are responsible for securing and paying referees. At the beginning of the season, each TCBL program manager will be paired with a TCBL referee assignor. Throughout the season, the program manager and the assignor will coordinate to ensure all games are covered.


Q) Can my child play in a higher grade level?

A) Yes. TCBL allows players to "play up" in age groups, but does not allow players  to "play down" in age groups unless approved by the Appeals Committee. 


Q) Who makes the game schedules? 

A) In early November, TCBL releases the divisions and each team is assigned a slate of opponents (for example, Bronxville plays Scarsdale 2x, Edgemont 2x, New Castle 1x, etc.). Team managers then contact their opponents remotely to make the actual schedules, which are submitted to TCBL and uploaded to the website.

Throughout the season, team managers enter scores as games are played and the website tracks standings.