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Q) Does TCBL provide participating teams with insurance protection? 
A) NO - TCBL does not provide participating teams with any liability or participant medical expense insurance. Each program/team is required to purchase the coverage for themselves.  There are several reputable insurance providers on the web that can help and the costs are not very expensive.
Q) Does TCBL provide a place to play your games?
A) NO - All teams must secure an appropriate facility and available gym time to host their league games.  All gyms should have a visible game clock, visible scoreboard, adequate lighting, good floor surface, three point line if required for that age group, and seats for players and coaches.  The home team must provide a scorebook and scorekeeper.  All facilities must meet the safety standards of all applicable codes and regulations including, but not limited to, local and state regulations.  No team will be scheduled into the season if they do not have an appropriate facility and court time.
Q) Does TCBL assign and/or pay the referees for TCBL League games?
A) NO - Each home team is responsible for booking and paying the game officials.  Grades 5-8 require two "patched" referees for each game and one "patched" referee is required for 4th Grade games.  "Patched" meaning the referee has been certified by an official association (such as IAABO, Whistle Blowers, SUBOA, etc).  Call your division director or commissioner if you need help finding referees. 

Q) Can my child play in a higher grade level?
A) YES - TCBL allows players to "play up" in age groups, but does not allow players  to "play down" in age groups unless approved by the Appeals Committee.