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TCBL allows only school or town-based teams. Our intent is for players in the same grade to play and grow together as a community. This concept is central to the TCBL philosophy.

All TCBL programs must field teams with 10 to 15 eligible rostered players from either of the allowable team definitions as stated below:

Public school district. All players on a team reside within the legal boundaries of the same public school district. Players remain eligible if they reside in the applicable public school district but attend private school.

Municipality. All players on a team reside within the legal boundaries of the same village, town, or city. PO boxes are not relevant in determining eligibility. For example, a child with a Scarsdale address who lives in the Edgemont School District would not be eligible to play for Scarsdale.

To be eligible for TCBL, teams must be part of a program that:

- Provides a venue for town or school district youth basketball players to develop their skills and participate in a higher level of competition for boys and girls in grades 4-8;

- Holds publicized tryouts open to all eligible children in the applicable public school district or municipality;

- Participates in TCBL on a multi-year basis;

- Appoints a director responsible for registering teams, overseeing the program, and serving as the main point of contact among the program’s teams, referees assignors, and TCBL leadership; and

- Has a minimum of 4 total teams (any combination of boys/girls).

AAU teams or those with “recruited” players drawing from multiple towns or school districts are not eligible for TCBL.

If you are interested in TCBL but your team does not meet any of the above criteria, please contact TCBL Management. We will review potential exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to maximize participation to the extent possible while adhering to TCBL's founding principles and core philosophies.