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TCBL Sportsmanship


As we wind down the regular season and prepare for the playoffs, we would like to thank you again for a fantastic TCBL basketball season. With close to 200 teams and over 2000 student athletes, it’s safe to say the future looks bright. 


While there have been some isolated incidents involving questionable sportsmanship, overall your programs should be commended for competing with class and dignity. 


The playoffs will be competitive, and the stakes get higher so we would like you to please read and communicate the below to your teams, coaches and families. For those that advance to House of Sports, please remember that it’s a very energetic environment; 4 courts of cheering, playing and whistles so the temperature is already high. Let’s please not add to the chaos with bad behavior. 


For players:

  • treat teammates and opponents alike with respect and kindness
  • play hard to win but within the rules of the game
  • respect and abide by the decisions of the officials
  • win with dignity, lose with grace
  • represent your team, your family, and your community with pride


For coaches:

  • always be an example of good sportsmanship to your players
  • accept the decisions of officials in a respectful manner
  • remember it is an honor to be called coach, do not abuse it
  • remember that opposing players, like your players, are only children


For parents/spectators:

  • remember you are watching children, no matter the color of their jerseys
  • children learn from your behavior; be an example of good sportsmanship
  • leave the coaching to the coaches and the officiating to the officials
  • please do not distract opposing players on the free throw line. No “accidental” coughing or sudden knocking of the bleachers. There will be zero tolerance for that (it’s youth basketball) and referees will be empowered to assess technical fouls even if the offending behavior is in the stands. 


Good luck to all and thank you again. 

TCBL Board of Directors